Welcome to Davis Brown’s Tax Law Blog


Do you have trouble understanding the tax laws or keeping up to date on the ever-changing tax rules and regulations?  Our tax laws are very complex and it can be an onerous task to try to keep up with all of the new rules and regulations.  Davis Brown Law Firm has one of the largest and most experienced tax departments in the State of Iowa and can be a great resource and guide in navigating these laws and helping to find answers to difficult questions.  

My name is Courtney A. Strutt Todd and I serve as  a chair of the Tax Department at Davis Brown.  I have a B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa and have passed the Certified Public Accountant’s examination.  I also have a J.D. and an M.B.A. from Drake University.  I practice primarily in public finance and have worked as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel and issuer’s counsel in all kinds of tax-exempt financings.  Learn more about my practice.

 In addition to posts from myself, this blog may include posts from William Boatwright, Bruce Campbell, Frank Carroll, Thomas Houser, Christopher James, Thomas Stanberry, Jason Stone, Margaret Van Houten, David VanSickel, and Jana Lutteneger.


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